Monday, September 03, 2007


Since this is the last long weekend for quite awhile I awoke with the idea of heading across the border into America's dairy land for no apparent reason. At first, I thought I would hit many farm stands and return with a fresh bounty in my trunk. No such luck. I just drove past the fields of incredibly high corn crops and watched the dairy cows laze around in the bright morning sun. I could not resist the urge to hit a few thrift stores in Milwaukee. I think that thrifting is the best when you find something spectacular that you were not really looking for. I have been coveting a piece of Catherine Holm for quite some time. I had seen so many wonderful pieces posted by lucky people on Flickr. I had left on my venture so early in the morning that I arrived at the Salvation Army right after the doors opened. I just meandered around and there it was. This beautiful large casserole. I flipped it over to find out the price and almost let out a shriek. .49 The best part? It was 50% off when I got to the register. .25 Now that truly is a holiday.

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