Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Big Little books

I happened upon these at the thrift store today.

These were published in the sixties in Racine, WI. I know that I have nothing in the image to give you scale. They are about 4 x 5 inches. Normally, I would just leave it alone, but I have to show and comment on just a few of the images. I have not looked closely at the entire content because I am sure I am going to have to comment on the racial stereotypes contained in both stories. I will save that for another day. You see, Lassie encounters some "native" Alaskans on her journey..

And I think we all know what types of "natives" Tarzan is going to encounter. Unh-huh.

But these are not my concerns for today. My question is, "Jane, where did you find those rockin' stiletto heeled black leather boots in the jungle? And how did you actually walk through the jungle in them?" I give my props to you.

OK, I will.
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