Thursday, August 28, 2008

Becoming Martha...without the cost

Oh, I think Martha would be proud. I decided I needed to get going on the dinner decorations since it is only a week away and this weekend is a holiday weekend. I headed over to one of the thrift stores with the idea that I would try and begin to gather vases for the conference table and see what I could find in terms of table linen. I scored. I had to restrain myself from going overboard. I grabbed ten glass vases. I decided that since it is a rather informal affair there was no need to match all of the vases. I will be using all clear glass vases in varying sizes and shapes. They are mostly a medium height, but I thought I would taper them from the center out.
I realize that they make a prettier picture when they are actually clean.

I then found a dark emerald green (not translating very well in the picture) valance. I will sew the 2 pieces together to make the runner for the main table. I am undecided if I should leave it as it is or try and find another valance that I can add on both ends in order to run the length of the table. That table is long! 18 feet. A little hard to try and cover.
The best part. Everything was half off today! My total for the 10 vases and the valances was a mere $8.00! I suppose that I do not really have to stick on such a frugal budget since I will be reimbursed, but it is so much more fun trying to make things look nice on a budget. Besides, it really is a waste of money since it is only for one meal.

I will head to the farmer's market to see what flowers they will have for me to use. I am thinking of two possibilities for arrangements. One would use hosta leaves to line the inside of the vases. The other would use colorful, small fruit to fill the bottom of the vase with the flowers on top. I would use cranberries, kumquats, or something like that. OK, the wheels have finally begin to turn. I will report more as I make progress.

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