Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

The final days of summer are upon us so I decided to take the boy on a long walk at lunchtime to enjoy this beautiful end of summer weather. As you can see it was a beautiful day, but since most people are at work you could get a prime spot on the beach.

I decided to take the same route that would be our normal early morning running route. It was nice because I actually had a chance to linger and take in my surroundings. It was annoying because I discovered that I can be impatient when it comes to walking. I wanted to be at my destination already. Walking takes too much time when you could just as easily run. I love looking at the footprints of all of the previous runners every morning.
It would be nice to stop and have a meal at this table and just stare out over the lake. You can see also see the Chicago skyline when you are sitting here. I usually see the sun rising over the horizon here.

There weren't too many boaters out on the lake today.

But, the water looked beautiful.

In case you were thinking of doing ANYTHING after Labor Day, you can be assured that you are not allowed to do it.

This was tacked to a random tree along the beach.
I never realized that I could do some furniture shopping for my redecorating project while I ran. I could have been multi-tasking all of this time.

It was the first long outting for him since all of his medical problems this summer so we decided to head home for lunch.

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