Monday, October 27, 2008

What are these?

As mentioned, I do have a tendency to buy things without knowing what they are. I purchased these at a church sale last week. I have no idea what they are. I just thought that they made a nice sculpture. The tray did not come with it. It was a separate purchase. The women working the sale asked me what they were as well. There are four of them. One is solid. The other three are cut into halves, thirds, and quarters.

I am guessing that they have some utilitarian purpose because they are numbered as well.


Grace said...

These are beautiful! I love the wood and paint contrast. Due to the different quarters, thirds, halves, etc., my guess would be that they were used as educational tools for fractions?

I too have a tendency to buy things that look lovely, but whose purpose is completly unbeknown to me. I suppose that is the beauty of repurposing for people like you and me! :)

pupule said...

grace, a friend of mine had the same suggestion. i just loved the way they looked. i guess i do not have the most utilitarian items around my house.