Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Now we wait

Did you? You should. Go vote now.
There was a line when I arrived at the polling place at 6 a.m., but it only ended up taking about an hour or so.

So, I listened to music and took in the fall foliage.

After I finished, I walked home.
I soaked in some of the Halloween decorations I missed.

Some more fall foliage.

Eventually, I had to go to work. They have cordoned off a section of the city for the massive Obama event tonight. They are expecting a huge crowd. I am excited to see all of the people gathered there. I wanted to go and shoot all of the media lying in wait, but I had meetings and work to attend to. It looks like Mitt Romney will not get his wish. I heard him on the television wishing that the people at the Obama event have a cold and dreary night ahead of them. as you can see, it is not only sunny, but unseasonably warm (in the mid-70s). Sorry, Mitt.


mariko said...

ARE YOU GOING TO GO? The weather is awesome there. Wish I could be there. It's going to be incredible!

pupule said...

No, I didn't go. I saw all of the preparations. They were expecting such a huge crowd (not including the ticketed section) that I was not sure if it would be too crazy. They had stated that they were only letting people into the park at 8:30 sharp. They let them in at 7. It turned out to be very calm and not such a hassle. Once I saw it on tv, I had second thoughts.

kay* said...

it looked like a fantastic crowd to be a part of but nonetheless i dont think it matters where you celebrated as it was just that special of a night.

i'm not american but i dont think you have to be to appreciate, be proud and excited about what has happened in the US. i held an election party last night in new jersey and am seriously considering getting a bus load of folks from toronto (my home) or at least a car full and making a road trip to washington for jan.20.

yes america! yes you can and yes you did!