Monday, November 24, 2008

Spreading the joy

This past week I have received several messages from friends reporting that they are ill, under the weather or just plain depressed. I have found that there seems to be some sort of general malaise going around. My dear friend, B, wrote an e-mail explaining what a sh***y week she has had. I could take it no more. I needed to leap into action. As luck would have it, I was out trying to find some new winter coats this weekend when I happened upon this beauty. I tried my best, but it just does not photograph well. It is a very cute Marc Jacobs number.

It is brand new. It cost about the same as a greeting card telling her to feel better. I think this may cheer her up a little bit (even though she really cannot wear it for several months). I am only posting a picture because she does not read this. You can sort of see the nice subtle pattern on the fabric.

So, I was forced to dive into my special bag of tricks for the rest of the people. Yes, I actually do have a bag of tricks. I not only shop for Christmas year round (alas, I was finished before Halloween), but I also pick things up for people as I find them. They are then put into my bag of tricks.
I was happy to find several items that I had stored away for just this occasion. So, M and Bessie Mae, fear not. I am here to save the day. Check your mailboxes in the near future.


mariko said...

Nice score! You know, I just found out that I am very deficient in vitamin D. Now I am convinced that is what ails most people.

pupule said...

do i need to dig into my bag of tricks for you, too?