Thursday, January 22, 2009

Organized Chaos

I am not going to divulge how long I have left my office/sewing room in utter disorganization. It is too embarrassing. There were supplies piled everywhere. To my credit, I was able to fold and organize my fabric by color in an old barrister type bookcase with the glass doors. Some was also put into two small Billy bookcases. (OK, I confess. I have even more that are in large storage bins.) The arctic temperatures of last week were just what I needed to jump start me on this project. I am now in the middle of the "why did I ever start this?" stage of trying to organize. Part of the problem was that I had collected so many storage containers that they just added to the clutter. (including those above) Note to self - Storage containers do not help the situation if they are lying there empty. At the end of last week, the dog shot me a look as if to say "Do you mean that there is actually a floor and a rug under here? I could have been basking in a sun spot all of this time instead of all curled up into an uncomfortable ball?"

It is going incredibly slow. I am trying to convince myself that I will be happy when I am finished. I will be able to actually find things that I am looking for. I will then be able to use them to sew stuff instead of wondering "where did I put that?" More to come when/if I progress.

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