Monday, February 23, 2009 you?

One of the causes of our new president is that of volunteering. I have done volunteer work in the past, but since losing my regular 9 to 5 job I began to think about how I could volunteer since I had some new free time on my hands. I decided that I did not get my advanced degrees to keep them to myself. I worked on them in order to gain greater knowledge with which to help others. I have been trying to get some regular volunteer work tutoring in an adult literacy program. I am having a little trouble with getting a response to from places, but I am still working on it.
A few weeks ago I saw a listing for a volunteer massage therapist. It was at a local grade school. One of the parent groups wanted to offer the teachers free mini massages on Valentine's Day. It was a three hour time slot. I called and told them that I would be glad to do it. When I arrived on Valentine's Day morning I found out that they had changed the guidelines. Originally I had told them that I would give 10 minute massages, but that they should have the sign up sheet for 15 minute slots. This would allow for tardiness from a teacher, discussion between myself and the teacher, or a needed break between sessions. They had changed it to 8 minute massages and 10 minute slots. I ended up working on 20 people in a 3 hour time period without any breaks. I was beat. Don't get me wrong. I was glad to do it. It just would have been a little less grueling if I had a little break (even just a short one at the end of each hour). The nice thing about doing massage work is that people really are so appreciative of your help. It feels great as a therapist to be able to bring a little relief to people when they need it.
The beautiful box of tea in the picture is the gift that the woman in charge of the event gave to me. It is so pretty and it was so thoughtful of her.
I was just wondering if others out there do any volunteer work?

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Laura said...

I volunteer on Saturday mornings at my local historical society. My husband works on Saturdays and my degree is in museum studies. This give me a chance to give back and keep some skills fresh that I don't use in my everyday work. Plus, I love the ladies that I volunteer with, which makes it a chance to give back AND socialize. Great post!