Thursday, March 19, 2009

In need of a trim

I have noticed that several of my houseplants have become a bit...unruly. They were in desperate need of a trim. I know that I am probably doing this at the wrong time of the year, but it was very necessary. My mother has always done whatever she feels like when it comes to plants. "Oh, just clip it off and stick it in some water or dirt." Umm, Mom, that is not what the book says. I cannot explain it, but every plant she touches seems to flourish. Awhile back a piece of one of my geraniums fell off. I just stuck it in another pot with some soil. Inexplicably, that child plant has become HUGE. It is much heartier than the mother plant. I have done nothing special to it. So, I followed my genetic make-up and I just clipped my overgrown window geraniums and jade plant.

I have re-potted the cuttings into their own little pots. I will let you know whether or not they flourish under my care.

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