Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hit the gas! Part 2 - North

Saturday was sunny and warm so this time we pointed the car north and stepped on the gas. We took a side road instead of the highway to see what we could see. We had no real purpose, just exploring. We did not go too far. Just over the border a little bit into Wisconsin.
Do you remember these? Are you lucky enough to still have one near your home? I think there a little over 400 still open in the United States.

It took me back to my childhood. We only went a couple of times, but I do remember going. It was such a treat because you wore your pajamas and you brought a sleeping bag or blanket and pillow because you were sure to fall asleep in the back seat of the car.

They no longer use those individual speakers that you used to hook on your window. (Remember those from episodes of "Happy Days"?) My guess is that they use the car radio now.

We stopped in on a few random thrift stores along the way. I did find a fabulous vintage fall/winter coat. I have not shot it yet so I cannot share a picture.
These were my big finds for the day. I saw the side chair all by its lonesome in the tiny furniture selection of this out of the way thrift store. It was not until I later saw the matching armchair next to the shoe aisle that I became interested. It was as if there was a tiny devil perched on my shoulder shouting "Turn it over!!" So I did. They are a nice pair of vintage Jens Risom Design chairs. $5. Score!

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