Monday, June 22, 2009


I know it seems like all I have been doing lately is shopping, but I have been doing constructive things as well. You know, like looking for permanent employment. It is usuallywhen I am out running errands when I stumble into a thrift store. We had such terrible stormy weather the other day that I had to get out of the house. Sure, there were severe weather warnings, but I had some cabin fever. So, I went to take an old family friend out to lunch and stopped to do some thrifting on the way. It turned out that the weather was not the only crazy thing happening that day. The thrifting steals were crazy as well.
Sometimes I cannot bear to see a great item sit in the store. I have to purchase it. Even if I might not use it for myself. I can either gift it or sell it to someone else who might like it. This was the case.

I saw this fabulous shell chair and had to buy it. It was ridiculous. Look at that tufting. Mid-century mod with a little je ne sais quoi thrown in. I would have purchased it if it were priced much higher, but when I tell you the price you will see why there was no way I could leave it sitting at the thrift store. Can you guess the price? It was less than a cup of coffee. A regular cup of McDonalds......size small. Oh, and it was half off as well. Are you ready? The sale price was $1.50. It was originally $3.00.

It didn't stop there. I have been looking for a mid-century type nightstand to go with my new bed (if I ever change it out with my old bed). I have been waiting patiently for something close to what I am looking for at a reasonable price. This one filled the bill. Again, can you guess the price? It was on sale for $2.50. Original price $5.00.

OK, so now I went to another store. I can honestly say that I did not need this set of chairs. Nowhere to put them, but they looked so great. What possibilities. The price was not marked so I asked the manager. $15? Oh, let me back my car up to the loading area.
I confess. I definitely have a "chair problem".

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