Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sometimes I can be so lazy

Oh, I admit it. Sometimes I can be so incredibly lazy. Today is proof. I went to this annual yard sale which is always fantastic. I saw this fabulous dress and bought it. I never tried it on. I just did not feel like it. Do you get that way? I have found that lately I have been using the old tried and true trick of fitting the waistline of a skirt around my neck to make sure that it will fit me. So far, that has not failed me. As far as pants go, I would never buy a pair without trying them on to make sure that they fit my big butt. Dresses...I can go either way. I might slip it over my clothes or I just might take the risk. This morning I took the risk. Come on, the dress was so cute for the summer. I came home with my dress and my pieces of jewelry only to find that the dress was a little snug and I did not like the way it fit me at all. That is what I get for being lazy. But, I got lucky. I came home, photographed the dress, put it in my Etsy shop and it is already sold and on its way to its new owner. Maybe I was meant to be lazy today.

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