Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Heaven on Earth

Yesterday, I believe I discovered a little piece of heaven on earth. All of you planning on visiting Chicago, take note. My Mom had cut out an article from the newspaper about a pastry chef and his wife who had opened their own pastry shop in Chicago. It is named Fritz Pastry. Since you know how I love to find a good pastry, I had to check it out. One word. Formidable!!
This is the salted chocolate tart that I ordered with an espresso. It was incredible. It was rich in flavor yet light in texture. It was just right. The chef not only knows how to make a great pastry, he spares nothing when it comes to the quality of the ingredients. Oh, it has been so long since I have experienced pastries comparable to those found in Paris. This man was meant to bake. What could be better than the quality of the food? The prices. Unbelievably low. The pastries average $2 - $3 each. The macarons (which were fairly large) were a mere .75 each!

Well, you didn't expect me to go home without trying out some of the other items, did you?

I brought home (l to r) pistachio macaron, espresso macaron, sugared brioche, Vienna style brioche with chocolate hazelnut on top. I have not tried them all. I am attempting to pace myself. The macarons were so good. I am so glad that I do not live around the corner from this place because it might not do any damage to my bank account, but it would definitely do some to my thighs and butt.


Jen D. said...

Couldn't agree more!! Fritz did the cake and a dessert table for our wedding, and everything was incredible. If you haven't already, you should give them a review, or just copy/paste this on Yelp, because there are people leaving them bad reviews. I can't understand it!

ai said...

Drooling. chocolate + salt? gorgeous combination.