Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy weekend

I am glad the weekend is over. It was crazy busy. I participated in a yard sale. The picture above is what was left over. (That is my exhausted mother sitting in the backseat of the car) Believe me when I say that it may look like a lot but it is nothing compared with what I started with. I think it took me 2 hours to bring everything out. I am talking major pieces of furniture. First I had to bring some of of it down three flights of stairs earlier in the week, but I then eventually had to haul it all out and around the building to the lawn. I cannot tell you how tiring it was. The weather was supposed to be decent, but it was much better than predicted. It was bright, sunny and in the 80's. OK, I wasn't planning for that. As you can see, I had no shade in my spot. I fried like a bug on the sidewalk. You will have to overlook my ugly feet below, but I wanted to share the unfortunate tan line from my Adidas which resulted in the shade change around my ankles. That is from only one day. On the bright side, I went to three rummage sales on Friday. There was a lot less good stuff this year, but I did score some prizes. I will share later on in the week. I am just too tired right now.

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