Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vintage Vesuviana

I have actually had this beautiful contraption for several months now. It is a vintage Vesuviana coffee/espresso maker. I found it at a rummage sale. I have very little information on it other than what I can find on the internet. These were manufactured in Naples and I believe they stopped making them in the sixties. So, parts are pretty impossible to find. Directions were what I could put together from posts on the web. The reason I have had it for so long without trying it out was that exactly 2 months ago I started the Clean program. I had to give up all caffeine. I used to be a daily morning espresso drinker. I will never forget the withdrawal headache. Instead of going back to my old habits, I just continued to stick with the program. This past weekend I decided that I would allow myself one cup of decaf per week as a treat to myself. I did not want the caffeine, but I wanted to taste an espresso every now and again. So, I did. It was good. The machine is interesting to watch operate. I do not know if I will want a drink every week, but it will be nice to know I can pull out my Vesuviana and use it if I choose.


ai said...

You are strong to have given up on caffeine.

pupule said...

Oh, you can do it. Only tht initial withdrawal is a little uncomfortable.