Monday, October 26, 2009


Every once in awhile I have an irrational reaction to a material item. For the most part, I lead a very simple life and have a simple wardrobe to go along with it. These days I am very often in jeans or athletic pants. I do not know what has brought about this sudden change, but I became obsessed with this necklace worn by Vanessa on Gossip Girl last week. I must have it. Do I need it? Do I have anywhere special to wear it? I am just greedy. The last time something like this occurred was a few years ago.

I saw this Nylon cover featuring Sienna Miller. I had to have those boots. I never want anything I see in a magazine, much less go out and purchase them. Besides that, I do not even particularly care for Sienna Miller. At the time oft his cover, they were not selling those Union Jack Doc Martens over here in the states. Yes, I lost it momentarily. It just so happened that my brother was on his way over to London for the weekend. I asked and he was kind enough to actually go out and find these boots for me. (You have to understand, my brother does not go out of his way to shop for anything for anybody) Anyway, that was the last time I had such a visceral reaction to a material object. I promise to not go overboard this time. I will just admire the picture.

I have not written too much about GG because, frankly, it has not been very good this season. The jewelry has been fabulous. I will say that. I also have to give credit to whoever decided to let Dorota's true beauty shine. They finally let that poor woman out of her maids uniform for the wedding. It is about time.


ai said...

"You have to understand, my brother does not go out of his way to shop for anything for anybody"---this bit made me laugh for some reason.

I've had a DVD of GG first season on my table for weeks now. I don't wanna start watching something that will consume so much of my time, and I know it will do just that.

pupule said...

Yes, he has his moments.
Oh! You must pop some popcorn or open a bag of arare and sit down for a GG marathon! The first season seems so long ago. So much trash under the bridge....