Monday, November 23, 2009


I cheated. I confess. I am not one to hide it when I cheat. I have stayed true to the clean program for four months now. This weekend I decided to cheat. It was after having some lunch in Chinatown (dried squid and Chinese chives) and purchasing some items for a care package that I thought we should stop in for a small treat on the way home.

So we ended up here (Fritz) which means this did not end well.

My Mom ordered the Streusel coffee cake which only got an OK review.

I had this cookie. Dark chocolate and black pepper. Seventy-five cents of pure goodness. Yes, I ate the whole thing. I only cheat if it is going to be worth my committing the sin. Now I am in search of a recipe. I might like to add them to the Christmas repertoire.


ai said...

Does this mean you had been baking but not eating the goodies!? That must have been hard! You deserve some cheating. (Weird phrasing...)

pupule said...

No sweets for me. I do taste them (and spit it out) before I give them out to people as gifts. I don't want to give out any baked goods that taste horrible. :)