Saturday, January 23, 2010

I want to live here

I went to see "A Single Man" yesterday. It was such a touching movie. I suggest that everyone run out and see it. Tom Ford did a wonderful job. It was beautifully shot on old stock 35 mm film. It is a treat for the eyes. I do not think I have to mention the clothing. The house in the film is spectacular. One of the occupants of the house in the film is supposed to be an architect. I want it. I did some research to find out who designed it. It was designed by John Lautner. Guess what? It is for sale! Only 1.5 million dollars. You can see it here. It just so happens that I have 1.5 million hidden away in my sock drawer for a rainy day.
Before I forget. For all of you who loved "About a Boy" with Hugh Grant, you are in for a big surprise. Nicholas Hoult who played Marcus is in this film and, boy, has he grown up.
OK, gotta run. I have to get to my sock drawer.

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ai said...

I want to live there, too.