Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Like buttah

I do not consider myself to be a materialistic person at all. Every so often I will admit to falling in love with a material possession. If it is not due to sentimental value it usually has something to do with the tactile quality of the item. For example, I have this uber lush and long cashmere scarf that is one of the favorite items in my closet. I wish I could somehow magically post it and you could touch it on your screen. You would say it is yummy. I remember buying that cozy scarf in the middle of a hot July afternoon. You know it must be something special for me to even want to get near it on a hot summer day. It being July, it was marked down 75% which just added to its fabulousness.

I am in love once again. This is another one of those items that has that luscious tactile quality. I received this wonderful Vanessa Bruno clutch among a bounty of holiday goodies from my friend. I wish you could feel this leather. I want to lie naked and roll on it. (OK, not really).

The only thing is that I am afraid I will damage it if I use it. I guess I have to get over that. It doesn't do me much good sitting on my shelf, does it?

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ai said...

Oh, I love it, too. The size seems perfect as well. I love Vanessa Bruno.