Thursday, January 07, 2010


How did I miss this? I am seriously late on this one. Have you seen "Prefontaine" starring Jared Leto? I watched it yesterday. It reminded me of how Jared Leto really disappears into his characters in film. You would never connect the person playing blondie from Fight Club with the same man playing Steve Prefontaine. I am just a hack when it comes to running so it was enjoyable to watch someone who not only had the natural gift to run, but also truly loved it. My brother is the natural runner. I guess that gene just skipped over me. Anyway, you can watch it here on Hulu right now. You don't need to work right now, do you? Sneak some popcorn into your bottom desk drawer and enjoy.


ai said...

I haven't seen that one! Have you seen him in "Chapter 27"? Sooo freaky.

Anyway, I've talked to a couple of musicians who were as high as a kite on pot or who knows what, and Jared def. was one of them, though he said it was cold medicine. Right. (He has a band, you know.) I like him, though. He ages so well I'm so jealous.

pupule said...

No, I never saw that one. I looked at the trailer. Again, I almost did not recognize him.
I knew he had a band, but never actually heard them. I just watched a video. Maybe it is all of that cold medicine that makes him age so well. :) I am sure it is all of his clean living.