Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend eats

Did you have a relaxing weekend? The snow has finally melted here. The sun actually came out from behind the clouds for longer than five minutes. I tried a different Korean restaurant for the first time. I normally go to San Soo Gab San. This time I tried Woo Chon. It is a very small but quaint place. If you live here I would recommend it, but I have to say that San Soo Gab San is a bit better. Both are barbecue places, but I rarely order the barbecue when I go to a Korean restaurant. I always head for the kimchi jigae. Sorry for the dark pictures, but there is not much light in there. Since I have been obsessed with Saba Shioyaki as of late I decided to try the Korean grilled mackerel here. I enjoyed it. I have to admit that the side dishes are what I enjoy most about a Korean dinner. Bring me as much kimchi as you can carry. The selection below was good, but imagine it more than doubled when you dine at San Soo Gab San. I am posting this info in case someone ventures to Chicago and wants a suggestion for Korean restaurants.

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