Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Night of the Hunter

This year I have become a Hulu addict. One reason is that I do not have cable and the other is that I am finding there are huge gaps in my knowledge of cinematic history. I watched "Taxi Driver" a couple of months ago for the first time. I am finding that Hulu is a great resource for catching up on some great movie viewing.
The other evening I came upon "Night of the Hunter" starring Robert Mitchum. Have you seen it? Sadly, I had not. Wow. What a great film. Visually stunning. The use of light and shadow was so haunting. You must watch this film if you have yet to see it.

Robert Micthum is a psychopathic preacher who is hell bent on finding out where a now dead prison cell mate has hidden a stash of money. I know. I should have stopped at psychopathic preacher. That was enough to get you interested, wasn't it? A young Shelley Winters plays the widow of the cell mate.

The cast also includes the great Lillian Gish. I have to admit that I do not think I have ever heard her speak before. I guess I watched her too many times in "Birth of a Nation". What are you waiting for? Start watching.

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