Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Oh, each one of these ladies looks lovelier than the next. I do not know which I desire to be. Actually, I cannot be any of them since I am not thin and statuesque, but more importantly since I am not white. If only I did not have a pumpkin sized head so I could pull off the hairstyle of Bachelorette #1. I love the mod print and drop earrings on Bachelorette # 2. Although I fight my gray hairs every step of the way I really love the looke of the white bob on Bachelorette # 3. Bachelorette #4 has that je ne sais quoi with her stunning hat and gloves. Bachelorette #5 has that Ginger vibe going on and that damask (I am using my imagination) fabric is faboo. Bachelorette #6 is who I wish I could be at some swanky dinner party. The mile high coiffed upswept hairdo, the to-die-for earring and necklace set and the long, long gloves. All that bling with a simple chic shift. Sigh. I am off to my sewing room to make all of these dresses and assume the imaginary lives of all of these lovely ladies...after a few martinis.

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