Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Do you have sentimental attachments to pieces of clothing? Do you think that certain items of clothing should be kept because of some history that you associate with it? I am not talking about a wedding dress. I am talking about an everyday item.

My mother brought this dress to me the other day and told me that I could sell it. It is in incredible vintage condition and is made of this beautiful Japanese fabric. She had come across it in her closet and thought I might like to sell it. I am thinking that I would not.

For a good portion of her life (pre marriage to my father), my mother had the majority of her clothing custom made. Um, yeah, she was spoiled. She remembers finding the fabric and having this particular dress made. She thinks it was either in high school or college which means that this dress was made in the late forties or early fifties. It is very well made and the fabric is really beautiful to behold. Mind you, my mother did not pass on her tiny figure to me so there is no way that I would ever fit into this dress. For some stupid reason I want to hold onto it.

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ai said...

This is truly a beautiful dress. I think you should keep it, too. I love big flowery patterns.