Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let me out!

I have not posted for awhile because I have been in the middle of a purging mode. It began when Ai wrote a post about shoes and then asked how many pairs you owned. I g guesstimated 70. I then realized I really had no idea how many and even worse I had no idea what each pair looked like. I then was looking for one of my black dresses or some of my many pairs of dark grey pants to wear to a memorial service. I could not find them. I found them days later when I went in to my second closet. I had placed all of my more business-like and dress clothes in that closet and forgotten about it. This was followed by the viewing of an extreme hoarder on "Dr. Phil" and then a couple episodes of "Hoarders". I sort of flew into a panic mode. What if I became like one of these people and could no longer walk in my house? So, I have slowly been attacking my problem in small doses. Even though I wished I could wiggle my nose like Samantha Stevens and the place would be neat as a pin, that was not going to happen. I did not get all of my stuff in one day so I was not going to get rid of it in one day. I have already made several trips to the Salvation Army and great progress has been made, but so much more needs to be done. Yesterday, I attacked my skirts. I needed to edit my fall and winter skirts and then place them folded into canvas storage bins on the top shelves of my closet. I also wanted to start keeping a photo documentation of each item so that i could just look it up and know what I have stored away for the next season. We will see how it goes. Please excuse the wrinkles. If you were squished into a confined space for months on end you would be wrinkly too.

I do not think this is so bad. This is what is left and will be neatly placed and marked on my shelves.
This is still the problem. (see below) Here is my unedited selection of spring and summer skirts. as you can see, I need to get to work on these. If nothing else, I will have this edited down by the time I fold them and place them overhead in the closet this fall.

Next, I will conquer the shoes and boots. This could be dangerous.


ai said...

Hey, Arawa, do you own a house? Or do you live in an apartment? You seem to own a lot of things!!! BTW all your skirts are so pretty.

pupule said...

Somewhere in between. I own a condo. I do have too many things and that is why I am trying to purge and organize! It is long overdue.