Monday, June 28, 2010

Pity Party

The other day I threw myself a pity party. Boo hoo. I am such a baby. I was having a root canal so I decided to milk it and wallow in pity. There was not a lot of pain. There was a lot of time waiting for the feeling to come back to my face which meant no eating...and it was hot and humid outside as well. So, I decided to work on these two guys. They helped raise my spirits.

My sister had asked if I made baby stuff. I guess so. She needed me to make some gifts for a baby shower she will be attending. That was it. No guidance. No suggestions. So, I made the two softies above and what you see below.

Some tie dye onesies.
A musubi shirt.

In case you are wondering, this baby will be arriving in Hawaii.

1 comment:

ai said...

Ahaha, I love the combination of "musubi" on tie-dye.

I still ate my burger while my mouth/face was pretty numb. But that wasn't a good idea.