Friday, June 04, 2010

The Promised Land

There are several destinations that I consider to be the promised land and today I visited one of them. I do not get there very often, maybe once or twice a year. It is not because it is far away or difficult to get to. It is because if I did not limit myself to one or two visits a year I would be a few sizes larger and a little less healthy.
The trip to the promised land has plenty of Chicago landmarks along the way. Ah, Moo & Oink. I eat neither moo nor oink, but this place is a well known Chicago landmark. I just love the name and the sign. I think they got rid of the pig and cow characters dressed in costume for their commercials.

I would say that a great percentage of my meals are from the cuisine of my people, Chinese. Today I craved the food of my other people. Soul food. I would eat this food more often if I did not believe it would clog my arteries. We headed out to MacArthur's. MacArthur's is a nice unassuming soul food restaurant that is served cafeteria style. This is one of the reasons I love going there. I love all of the friendly women behind the counter that serve up your order for you. In fact, the whole place is pretty friendly. I was glad to see that they have expanded the menu to include some non-fried, non-red meat options as well as some salad options. The prices for the meals are 6.99 or 7.99. You get a choice of your main entree (meat), two sides to go with it and a cornbread muffin. The portions are HUGE. I believe that I have enough for two meals from the food I brought home.

This is the fried chicken with macaroni and cheese and collard greens.

The turkey sausage with yams and collard greens. OH, I wish you could taste this. Below is a picture of the peach cobbler I ordered to take home. Sorry for the problem with the focus. My hand was shaking from the excitement.

The other promised land currently being discussed around here is the Stanley Cup. We passed the United Center on our way to the restaurant. They decided to dress up the Michael Jordan statue. It is just so....undignified. I mean, you can put Bear helmets and Blackhawk regalia on the lions at the Art Institute, but you should just leave poor Michael alone.

It is bad enough you put the hockey helmet on his dome.

You added blades to his Nikes! Wrong.


mariko said...

That soul food looks delicious! Did you ever get soul food in Oakland? I remember Soul Brothers Kitchen. I think it was actually a front for something illegal, but I found the food to be quite tasty.

pupule said...

I did, but I never went to Soul Brothers Kitchen. The place I used to go to is gone. Did you ever used to go to Flint's back in the day? I read that it went downhill and eventually closed.

ai said...

Soul food...there was non in Madison. I only had it once when I visited Harlem. Corn bread!!!

Why did they decide to disgrace Michael Jordan like that? Pretty funny, though.