Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Rummage pt.1

Yes, in the middle of a torrential downpour I went out to hit a rummage sale. At least the rain was better than the heatwave. It is a rare sale in July. The regular fall sale season will begin again in September. The rain meant it was less crowded. I found a mish mosh of things. The pewter pitcher above. I am sure I will use it for the many guests I will have over for coffee and brunch. Hey, it could happen.

I also found this mint condition Nikon. It was really cheap. Luckily, my sister happens to have a lot of the Nikon lenses for this camera so she is going to be nice enough to let me have them.

I usually go for the older more vintage items at a sale, but I could not pass up this Dirt Devil Kone designed by Karim Rashid. A steal at $4. Unfortunately, I don't think the great design will improve my vacuuming skills.

I found these glass pieces to add to my collection.

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