Sunday, January 16, 2011

Football Food

Wintery weather and football playoffs have made me a shut-in. I did, however, make it as far as my kitchen. I made several batches of soup and baked a loaf of bread. I am getting ready to bake some cookies. The bad thing about knowing how to cook and bake is that you can probably figure out how to make something you usually purchase so you can prepare it at your own convenience. Jin dui (Chinese sesame balls) is one of those things for me. I used to get one every once in awhile at the bakery. More than that and it would get dangerous. I recently found a similar recipe that used sweet potatoes. You see the finished product above. They are not thick and chewy like traditional jin dui, but they are pretty tasty and are predominantly sweet potatoes. I do not think it is a good thing that I figured this out.

I also acquired a large food dehydrator for $2.80. So far I have made the dried Fuji apples and pears you see above. I will think of them as my potato chips while watching the games. Soup, dehydrated foods, bread...soon I will be purchasing firearms and retreating to my bomb shelter.


ai said...

Oh I'd love to have a fruit dehydrator, too, so that I could dry my Fuji's. When you say games, is it NBA? NFL? WWF? Haha. I seem to only enjoy soccer.

pupule said...

NFL. There is only one weekend of playoffs left and then the break until the Super Bowl.

J said...

Would you possibly share the recipe for sweet potato based sesame balls. I was served something similar to this at a friend's house once but didn't get a recipe. The basis for the dough was sweet potato and sweet glutinous rice flour. They were pan fried (after steaming?) and not coated in sesame....but I think they may be close to what you made (looks delicious BTW). Hoping you will share this recipe!

pupule said...

Leave a comment with your e-mail (I will not publish it) and I will send you the recipe.