Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Empire State of Mind

After coping with the blizzard and many many hours at the airport, I finally made it to New York for a quick visit. I have only a few snapshots to share, but I did get to visit some new places for the first time.

This was only my second visit to the new MOMA building. I was quite familiar with the old one since I worked there for a quick minute while I was living there. I love the space and movement of the new building. I did not get to explore it the last time I came because it was so incredibly crowded and the building was fairly new.

I love the walkway above and the view toward the other stairwell.

I am standing on another walkway and this is the view into some of the galleries (left) with a stage below. I have not moved, this is just one space. Pretty nice, huh? If the abstract expressionism show is up when you visit NY I highly recommend it.

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ai said...

Wow you were in NYC. Nice! Hope you had a wonderful time there.