Friday, March 18, 2011


I realize that the setting for this shot is incredibly strange. There are so many captions I could place under this photo. One about how I took my lamp for a walk in the forest. Or how this is really my back yard and that shelter is just a resting spot on my estate. It really is taken in the forest because that is where I stopped to eat lunch after acquiring this lamp. It was unseasonably warm so I headed outside to dine. Don't worry, it will be back to freezing temps next week. Isn't this lamp awesome? I think there are two reasons that I am so in love with it. The first is that we used to have one of these in our den when I was a child. The second is because it was an incredible deal. I found it at a resale store that was going out of business. The guy had 3 of them. He tried to sell me all three. Oh, I would have taken all three, but I used restraint and only looked for one. They were originally from the Bismarck Hotel here in Chicago. When I saw the price I almost fainted. $5! I sized up all three to see which I would take home. I chose one and the owner plugged it in to make sure it worked. It did, but he did not like the way you had to jiggle the switch to get it to turn on. He did not think I should take it. I stated that I wanted that particular lamp because of the color and the size of the table. He then told me if I was going to take it I could take it for free because I was going to have to fix it. That is a price I can agree with! Happy Friday!

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