Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Do you know what it is like when you have a good idea and then when it comes to fruition you decide that maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all? At the end of last year I decided to ask my friend Suzanne to participate in a monthly swap. Once a month she and I would exchange a piece of artwork. It did not matter what it was or how long it took to create. The idea was that it would keep the both of us producing creatively and the bonus was getting to see the work of the other person. She was very excited with the idea. I have known Suzanne for several years now. We met in France when we were both given art fellowships to live in Giverny for the summer and work on our art. When I think of her work I think of incredibly beautiful pieces made with precision and craftsmanship. What was I thinking? This arrived in the mail just the other day. I placed the film canister next to it in order to give you an idea of scale.

I am showing it to you as you would open it yourself.

FYI - there is a large stack in here. I am just showing a few examples.

There is such a special quality that is added since you can hold this in the palm of your hand.

Maybe I am sorry that I came up with this idea. I mean, I do get a nice piece to add to my collection every month. She, on the other hand might feel a little ripped off. Mine pales in comparison. The pressure is on for next month.

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