Friday, April 22, 2011

Stay with me now...

I need you to put on your non-judgemental hat and creative vision goggles. You need to see beyond what this lamp appears to be and envision what it can be. Just stay with me for a minute now. I found this BIG lamp for $6. I am thinking of painting the curvy part of the body and the edge of wood base a solid white. That would leave the little bit of neck, the metal rod in the center and the metal part of the base natural.
Are you with me so far?
Does this naked picture help you out? I then want to keep the HUGE shade the same size, but make one with a large graphic print on a white background. My mother is old school and thinks I should refinish the base and not paint it. She also thinks I should go with a smaller shade which I completely disagree with.
Opinions anyone?

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