Thursday, May 05, 2011

Handcrafted Modern

I am going to have to join a 12 step group for Border's Hoarders. That is me. Ever since they started to close their stores and clear out their inventory I have stacks of books in my bedroom. these are only added to previous stacks acquired from the holiday 50% off coupons and various rummage sale finds as well. It is sad.
I am slowly starting to chip away at them. I began reading this one the other day and I love it. "Handcrafted Modern: At Home with Mid-century Designers" is not only an interesting read it is incredible eye candy. Go and get this book!
You not only get to see the homes of these designers, but all of their possessions as well. It becomes more of a portrait when their own items are included in the home. Please excuse the crappy shots, but I was too lazy to scan them in.
Can you tell the designer just from looking at the home?
George Nakashima
Walter Gropius
Eva Zweisel
Albert Frey (But I am just going to tell people that it is mine.)

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