Monday, May 02, 2011

Kitchen Weekend Stuff

The weather was iffy this weekend so I dropped into a thrift to take a look around. I had been to this one several years ago. There were a few treasures to be found. See above. I already have the large bowl which I believe I bought for some pocket change. This smaller one was found for 90 cents. Not bad. I also found another kitchen appliance that I have been dreaming about for a short time. I cannot wait to try it out.
I have also been looking for something practical, but stupid. A small soy sauce dispenser. I was just getting annoyed with always pulling the bottle out of the cabinet. I just wanted something mini to place on the counter. A couple of weeks ago I broke down and just bought one of those small Kikkoman bottles that double as a table dispenser. Then my Mom calls and says that she has found a soy sauce "penguin" in the basement. What?
It is an old Kikkoman bottle. I have to admit that it makes me laugh and I sort of love it.

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