Friday, July 15, 2011


A friend of mine is completely rehabbing a great old row house that has not been lived in for many, many years. She periodically sends me photos of the miracles she and her husband are performing on their own. Are you familiar with the wallpaper above? It is by Julia Rothman for Hygge and West. When she sent me photos of her newly finished bathroom I instantly recognized the paper from many of the decor blogs I had read. I asked her if I could have some of the smaller pieces that she might have left over. Basically, not more than a yard because my plan was to cover the panels on some of my bathroom cabinet doors. She was happy to send them my way. Well, I got the box yesterday and there were two complete double rolls in it! First, I could not believe my luck in having such a generous friend. Second, I am now rethinking my bathroom. Do you think this wallpaper with my Viva Las Vegas ceiling lamp would be too over the top?

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mariko said...

Do it!