Thursday, August 04, 2011

Heat Stroke

I have not been posted for awhile because I am just coming out of my daze. I will be the first person to complain about any type of heat when there is any. I hate it. So, it will not surprise you that I have been bitching non-stop for over two weeks now. It has simply been unlivable around here. Trust me, nobody wants to live around me either. Even with the air conditioning, it has not been pretty awful. I have found that people (not just me) are super irritable as well. So, what I am about to describe simply defies logic. If I was asked to walk across the room to go and get something ( say, a glass of ice water ) I whined about it. But, tell me there is a rummage sale and I was out the door. That is correct. It seems I will do anything for some good vintage schwag. A few weeks ago, on the hottest day of the year so far, I got into an even hotter car and drove to a sale. I want you to know that when I got into that car at 8:30 in the morning the thermometer already read 90 degrees. Upon my return at 11:00 a.m. it read 100. I am not talking about the heat index which is the actual "feels like" temperature. That was around 110 degrees that day. I am not exaggerating. I am irritated just typing it. The good news is that it was worth every sweaty miserable moment. AND in all of that hear I did not even want to do physical harm to a single innocent bystander because it was not even crowded. Nobody was elbowing me to get at that used crappy stockpot or stretched out old bra.
This is the first item I purchased.
Yes, it is a real Noguchi lamp. 6 bucks. What heat?

The hits kept on coming. I found a pair of these.
Dansk glass carafes with teak stoppers designed by Gunnar Cyren.
I am just giving you the highlights to rationalize my behavior. I did find lots of stuff for great prices and not all of it was vintage. I must admit that I got a complete Magic Bullet for $7. Hey, sometimes stupid stuff makes me happy. I admit it. I will have to share some of the other items in later posts as they need to be cleaned, etc.
Oh yeah, and a pair of vintage Chanel for $7. It was a good day...even though I looked like a drowned rat that could snap at any moment.


ai said...

It's annoyingly hot over here, too.

Whenever I see your findings at rummage sales, I can't help but think there must be so many dirty rich people living in Chicago. There must be.

I've been wanting myself a Noguchi lamp or two for a while. They aren't that expensive, so I don't know why I've been hesitating. But seeing that you got one for only 6 bucks, I really hesitate now.

pupule said...

You can probably find them cheaper than I could. I think they sell for about $175 here. In general I try to keep the $50 rule and definitely stick to the $100 rule around here.