Monday, November 14, 2011

High Line

Have you walked the High Line? If not, I strongly suggest it on your next trip to NY. It is such a great addition to New York city and an incredibly smart use of an old dilapidated rail line. I walked the line from 23rd down to 14th. You are among foliage, sculpture and incredible views as you walk above the din of the traffic among the Manhattan skyline.
There are plenty of spots to stop and sit and enjoy the beauty of this place.
This is something you do not expect in the middle of the city.
This is one of the sculptures along the way. Upon closer look you find out that it is also a bird sanctuary. There are houses, feeders and watering for the bird population.

It might take you longer to get to your destination because you are constantly tempted to stop and sit. I would also recommend this for a weekend morning. I do not consider myself a particularly early riser. I was walking this at 8:30 on a Saturday morning and enjoyed a very peaceful walk. There were runners that passed every now and then, but it was not heavily populated at all.

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