Friday, December 02, 2011

Cool, but now what?

I saw this on my last visit to Tim and Tom's and thought it was cool, but I did not buy it. When I went back a few weeks ago, the vendor was closing their booth so it was half off. Sold. It is a metal vertical file. I had seen card catalogs like this (oh, that reminds me, I never posted about that large card catalog file table I found....), but I had not seen a vertical file. I thought I would use it as a lamp table and possibly store my albums in it. Or I could place a portable record player on top of it. Should I add a wood top? It could be painted since it does have some scratching going on. Like I said, it was a cool idea when I bought it, but now what should I do with it?

1 comment:

mariko said...

That is VERY cool. You could store wine bottles in it (I know you're a lush).