Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Love Jones...or hate

This is definitely going to be one of those things you either love or you hate. There probably isn't any middle ground. The boots above are designed and made by Luxury Jones. All recycled vintage materials. No pair are alike. I chose to show this pair because they were the closest to a pair I might consider purchasing. There are some styles that are a bit too much for me. Lace. Doo-dads. Not really me. This pair is about the extent of embellishment I want. Guess what? $400. I am not saying that she should not charge $400 or that they are not worth $400. I am just saying that I will not be paying $400 to try them out.
You could make those! Of course, I was not the first person to realize that. There are several tutorials on the web, but I am just going to refer to the Mr. Kate tutorial because it is very easy to follow. It also illustrates how each person can personalize their boots. She tends to enjoy her embellishments, while I do not.
Here are my supplies. I went on half-off day at the thrift store so my total came to $10 for all of the above.
These are the finished product. Well, they are not glued yet. Not bad. Either way, $10 is so much better than $400,

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