Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Espresso Backsliding

I have not purchased anything brand new for ages. That is the way it goes when you have a minuscule income. I rarely go shopping for new things. I recently headed out because someone requested that I look for an espresso maker for them. As usual, no good came of this. How cute are these Bodum espresso cups? Glass and porcelain with those rubber grip middles in ridges and dots. No, you did not read it wrong. She did not ask for espresso cups. She asked for an espresso maker. These ended up being for me. I got a pair of each. They were marked way down so if you want some I suggest you head out and get yourself some. They are cheap.

Oh, wait. It gets worse. I also bought a pair of each of these as well. These are various designs, colors and sizes of the larger sized cups. Well, at least my coffee will look good.

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