Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello, Lover

I saw you hiding behind some other photo equipment on the shelf, coyly peeking out at me. I saw you. I had to have you. Yes, I have several others of your kind, but that does not matter. I had to have you.

You had some cosmetic issues, but I overlooked them because I cared about what you had to offer on the inside. (I have no idea what your previous owner dipped their hands in, but it was not good.) I could definitely run this through AFIS. (Yes, I watch too much CSI)

Once I got you home, I pampered you and took care of you. Your appearance improved quite a bit.

I must confess that what first caught my eye was your beautiful leather case. OK, so maybe it wasn't what you had to offer on the inside. All I know is that we will have a long happy life together.

1 comment:

ai said...

Aw, so nice. I want one, too. (I know one of the people I work with has one that he's not using any more. I should ask him to give it to me!)