Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Food

Super Bowl Sunday is the time to try out new party food. I really don;t care who wins this year so I guess I will just stuff my face and watch the commercials. This can be a vegetarian or vegan option as well. It is very versatile and looks fancy when it is so simple. I have to admit that I am being completely lazy. The original plan was for me to make blini as the canvas for this appetizer but that did not happen. When I realized I had to make it with yeast and give it time to rise, etc. I backpedaled to a good old cracker for the canvas. The version on the top has lox underneath the caviar.

This would be the vegan version.

This whole story started when I saw this at Ikea. Seaweed caviar. Oh, I have to try that. When I read the ingredients I finally figured out that it must be made with agar agar. So much easier to buy it this way than have to buy a copy of "Modernist Cuisine" and never get the recipe right.

I have never tried this either. Due to my lactose intolerance I generally just go without sour cream. Better Than Sour Cream by Tofutti? In the cart. There you have it. Vegan. No need to be a good cook. No dirty dishes.

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