Monday, March 05, 2012

Kind of a drag

I picked up this book on family crafts that was published in the seventies. I had no real reason to purchase this book, but I often like to see what kinds of crafts they offered back then. I bought this book for one project only. How to pimp your bug.

I really don;t see how this could ever be listed as a problem, but it is. This project promises that "short of a lasso, this is the very best way to rope in some new friends." The book also adds "If you happen to be a parent with an old car and are searching for a project that you and your teenager can work on together, this is a good one. You may find new rapport and new closeness via a VW painted red, orange, yellow, green , blue and violet." See how easy it could be for you to bond with your teen?

This is the instruction page. My favorite part because of the lingo. :Preparing the old surface was a drag." Don't ya know? "But the taping and painting was a gas." You can't make these things up.
They recommend acrylic paints which I don't quite understand. Anyway, here is the finished product.
There are also some other interesting crafts in this book.
Look at this shopping basket. It would look really nice on that townie bike of yours. Everything comes back around, I guess.
There is batik as well. I could drive my rainbow VW with my townie bike and basket on board and have my batik scarf wrapped in my hair blowing in the wind as I head down Highway 66.

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ai said...

The "solution" cracks me up. They must've been on drugs, all of them hippies.