Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Buried Treasure

I have had a hot thrifting hand these past few weeks. So much more enjoyable than when it is just so dry out there. I realize that I forgot to write about the Gocco PG-10 I found in a resale sop about a year ago. Sitting in the dust. No price. I took it up to the counter to ask the price. The owner asked what it was? I explained what ti was, but I was unfamiliar with using one so I wanted to know if it worked and if all of the parts were there. He was clueless. He gave it to me for $3. That started my ventures in Gocco. All of the parts were there, but there was no instruction book, inks or screens. After much research I was able to purchase the accessories I needed and I also discovered that many of the people I know owned Goccos. One of them copied the instruction manual and sent it to me. I was set at a fraction of the cost.
Well, yesterday I was browsing the shelves of a thrift store and I noticed a box with Riso on it laying under a pile of other stuff. I felt palpitations. I took it from the shelf, guarding it with my arm like a hoarder and opened it. It was a bonanza! This was a B6. I noticed that the lamp housing was missing, but that can be remedied. There were so many extras that my head was spinning. Screens, cleaner, blocking, a full owners manual AND an instruction DVD, plus another type of manual. All for the price of $12. Here is where it gets even stranger. The previous owner seems to have taken a class on using the Gocco, because the handouts for the class were in the box. It was a class once taught by a friend of mine about 10 years ago and her name was on the sheet as the instructor.
Look at all of those unopened inks! Yeah!

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