Monday, April 23, 2012

Roadshow in my head

I went to a few sales this weekend.  On Saturday I went to one I had never been to before.  It had actually started the night before with an extra entrance fee, but since I had never been before I just waited until the next morning to shop.  I almost never go into the "Treasure Room" or the "French Room" at a sale because they are usually more than I like to spend and much of the merchandise is too "fussy" for my taste.  There is also usually a long line and wait to get in.  Since this particular sale was not very crowded and there was no line to get into the "Treasure Room", I went in.  Not too much there.   Ornate dishes, crystal, etc.  My eyes glanced around the room and I spotted something from afar.  As I walked closer I was in disbelief.  It was like I was on my own "Antiques Roadshow" in my head.  You know, the Keno brothers were on the other side of the room...   Anyway, it was a Charley Harper serigraph.  I never thought I would have the pleasure of owning my own Charley Harper.  In fact, I was pretty damned excited when Borders was closing and I found a copy of the Todd Oldham book at a discounted price.  I am easy to please.  I could not believe that it had not been purchased the evening before.

I am now the very proud owner of a "Round Robin" serigraph.

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