Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Love Americana

I was going to take pictures and guide you along with me as I wandered through the many booths at one of the antique malls in Milwaukee, but I changed my mind.  There were more important things to share.  Summer holiday things.  Indulgent food things.

May I take you instead to the world famous Leon's Home of the Worlds Finest Frozen Custard?  Check it out. It is like stepping into a wonderful frozen treat filled time machine. 

Look at that neon!

Are you with me?  I wanted to take a picture of the kind employees in their work attire, but I did not want to be one of "those people".  Do you remember the episode of "The Brady Bunch" when Marcia was working at the ice cream parlor and she hired and fired Peter, hired Jan and eventually lost her job to Jan?  You do?  Well, picture those outfit  without the aprons.  They wear those great paper hats, the black ties and the white shirts.  Can you see the prices?  A double dip is the smallest cone you can get and they are only $1.87!

I am sure that sign in original as well.

Take it all in.  That is a double dip of butter pecan.  The patriotic cone protector is just the cherry on top of this treat. You are about to wreak havoc on my entire digestive system, but I don't care.  I love you.

Oh yeah, I forgot.  Be absolutely sure to have your hired big bus pull up and drop off the entire party from your quinceanera.

Girl, that's OK.  I like how you roll.

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