Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Rustic Dairyland!

     I know I have written about the Rustic Dairyland Antique Mall and the outdoor flea market they have outside once a month.  The mall also contains Tim and Tom's Cheese Shop where I must be the only person who walks in unable to sample a single thing.  I was not going to journey up there, but since I suddenly have Sunday mornings free this summer I have decided to go to every early Sunday flea market within a reasonable driving distance.  Remember, it has been incredibly hot these past few weeks so this is a task.   This particular flea market is very small.  There must be about 10 or so vendors each time and they are not always the same vendors.  You may recall that Elkhorn was about 500 vendors.  The good thing is that the prices are great and the vendors are nice.

This is what it looks like inside of the antique mall.  It is not too big and there are two floors so it is a nice size to kill some time without being overwhelmed.  Here is what I found at the outdoor flea market.  These pictures were taken on the spot to convey the blazing sun and heat.

This wood crate from a Chinese company in Chicago.  I have no idea what I will end up doing with it.

I bought these small cheese crates because people seem to like to buy them.  Aren't they just telling you how parched they are laying in the sun on the gravel parking lot?

See?  If I had just shown you the indoor shot you just would be thinking about how nice and cool it looks.  You would not even think about the hellish conditions these were found in.

Also found this little brass alligator.  I think I will be selling him as well.  I refrained from sharing pics of the stuff I found inside.  The outdoor flea items are what I want to focus on this summer.
I ventured out to Ikea yesterday and found this in the As-Is.  You may ask what I would be doing with this rather large furniture cover when I do not own that particular piece of furniture?  Well, it is upholstery weight and large and I think it will make great cushion covers.  Remember these?  I am going to attempt seat covers for them out of this fabric.  I will report back when finished.  Please be advised that this might not happen in our lifetime, but I will do my best.

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