Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm becoming that person

I realized the other day that I am becoming that person.  You know, that person who hasn't seen you since you were a little kid and then runs into you as a teen or an adult and they can;t believe how much you've grown?  I never thought I would become that person.   I guess I must be getting old.  So, I was watching "A Bronx Tale" the other day.  I had not seen it since it was in the theaters.  I remembered how cute the actor was who played DeNiro's son.  I then decide to Google.

I nearly fainted.  How could that much time have passed?  Worse than that, I recognize him as playing  a gang leader on "The Closer".  I did not even connect the dots from his time on "Veronica Mars".

I had a similar experience with Nicholas Hoult.  Remember him from "About a Boy"?  I had NO idea that he was the eye candy tempting Colin Firth in "A Single Man".  It took a long time for me to realize this connection.  He was still a little kid in my head.  I am not only getting old, I must be getting slow as well. 

Excuse me while I go prepare for my ice floe.

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ai said...

That little kid from Jerry Maguire finally grew up to be a young adult. I think someone had stopped injecting him anti-growth hormone or something because he looked the same for the longest time.